Music: Dalek I Love You

2 Jan

Best album cover ever?


Documentary: Cherub of the Mist (Return of the Fire Cat)

2 Jan

About two years ago, I stumbled upon Cherub of the Mist when it was legally being distributed on the Vuze network. Foolishly, I deleted the file to free up room on my hard disc for godknowswhat, and have come to regret it ever since. Vuze no longer distributes the full length feature, and I have e-mailed the producers (Bedi Films) multiple times (they never responded:( ) offering to buy a copy of the documentary. For a little while it seemed unobtainable.

Thankfully, youtuber Kaioken20 obtained what I could not. Enjoy.

Art: Finally found Banksy….

2 Jan

After finally seeing his fantastic documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, I decided to track down one of the pieces of work that the street artist had painted for Toronto.

This is suspected to be the last surviving piece in the city. It is located around Church and Esplanade. It is much smaller than I imagined it to be and has been covered in safety glass to stop others from defacing it. A couple of, what I assume to be fans, have left their own work next to Banksy’s. Whether this is to use his work to help launch theirs, or simply just to place their own creativity next to someone’s that they admire, will remain a secret.

I know that many Torontonians would love for Banksy to return to add more of his work.

Winter Music: Neu!

12 Dec

This is a cigarette on a bench type of tune… the kind that gets your feet shuffling.

Art: Calvin and Hobbes sketched by people who aren’t Bill Watterson

12 Dec

Check out this sketch and a handful more here. The link includes interpretations by Jim Rugg, Farel Dairymple, Drew Weing and others.

Calvin and Hobbes Sketchbook Fun

Cinema: Tron Legacy

11 Dec

Awesome Light suits? Check.
Jeff Bridges reprising role as Mr. Flynn? Check.
Nostalgia? Check.
Daft Punk 24 song score? Check.
This will probably be one of, if not, my favourite movie of 2010.

Art: Frank Frazetta Fathered A Felonious Fiend

11 Dec

Frank Frazetta the renowned science fiction artist (Vampirella, Conan, many a Burroughs cover, Fearless Vampire Killers movie poster, and most recently a Wolfmother album sleeve.) who caused a younger me to wonder if scantily clad muscle men were more important than scantily clad ladies (i eventually settled on the ladies being of more importance). Recently had 90 of his paintings sorta stolen from a Pennsylvania museum by his son. Frazetta Jr. has been claiming that his father had asked him to get a hold of the paintings by any means necessary, and that he would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling coppers.

BBC’s Coverage of the theft
Offical Frank Frazetta Site
Unofficial Frank Frazetta Gallery